Alessio Vovlas

A. P. S. Polyxena

Alessio Vovlas received his Ph.D. in Science and Technology earned in 2014 from Turin University (Main topic: Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity Conservation) and a MS degree in Natural Science from Bari University with a Thesis on Mithocondrial DNA variability of Indonesian populations. (Advisor: Mila Tommaseo Ponzetta). He is an effective member of the A.P.S. Polyxena, an NGO which is part of the Butterfly Conservation Europe, European Citizen Science Association (E.C.S.A.) and Societas Europaea Lepidopterologica (S.E.L.). He is also member of Society for Conservation Biology. Main research scientific interest are focused on Molecular Biology, Ecology, Zoology, Science Communication and Education. He has published several scientific, national, and international publications and was coordinator of some nature conservation and citizen science projects in Natural Park Areas.