Jorge Eufrates Morales Mávil

Universidad VeracruzanaMexico

JORGE E. MORALES MÁVIL is a Research Biologist at the Institute of Neuroethology at the Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico, where is the director. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Biology and M.Sc. in Neuroethology from the Universidad Veracruzana, and Ph.D. in Biology from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. He teaches Ethology and Behavior Ecology. He is interested in animal behavior and all aspects of natural history, with expertise in the field and laboratory. He has worked in the states of Veracruz, Tabasco, and Campeche in Mexico on projects involving environmental impact studies and species monitoring. He is currently studying wetlands, iguanas, sea turtles, freshwater turtles, crocodiles, habitat selection, nest site selection, movement patterns, home range, and how these are affected by translocation. He is a coordinator of the Academic Neuroethology Group of the Universidad Veracruzana. He has been a member of the Mexican National System of Researchers, and he has published several book chapters, scientific, and popular science articles. He is a member of the IUCN SSC Iguana Specialist Group.