Alexander Pokutsa

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Ukraine

Date of birth: 21 Jan 1959 Place of birth: Vinnitsa Country of birth: Ukraine Country of residence: Ukraine Gender: Male Present occupation: Senior Research Associate Higher Education and Academic Degrees: Master: Chemical Technology of Oil and Gas Lviv Polytechnic Institute Ukraine 5 years 100% 15 June 1982 Ph.D.: Chemical Technology of Heavy (Base) Organic Synthesis Lviv Polytechnic Institute (1982-1985) and Department of Physical Chemistry of Fossil Fuels Institute of Physical-Organic Chemistry and Chemistry of Coal NAS of Ukraine (1986-1990), Lviv, Ukraine (PhD degree: since 2 Nov 1990) Language: Years of learning Very good Good Fair Poor English: Since 1971-present X Polish: Since 2000-present X Practical / professional work experience: Ukraine: Lviv Department of Physical Chemistry of Fossil Fuels NAS of Ukraine (1986-present) Austria: Wien Technical University of Wien, Chemistry Dept (Prof Roland Schmid, Scientific Exchange visit supported by NAS of Ukraine and ÖAD) (June 1, 1993 - July 2, 1993); UK: Liverpool Leverhulm Centre for Innovative Catalysis, University of Liverpool (Prof Graham Hutchings, RSC supported ex-quota visit) (19 Nov, 1996 - 19 March, 1997); Belgium: Louvain-la-Neuve Unite de catalyse et chimie des materiaux divises, Catholic University Louvain-la-Neuve (Prof Paul Grange, NATO Science Fellowships grant) (01 April, 2000 - 20 Jan, 2001); France: Reims Institut de Chimie Moléculaire de Reims, UMR 7312, UFR des Sciences Exactes et Naturelles, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (Dr Jacques Muzart, NATO Science Fellowships grant) (08 March, 2002 - 01 Dec, 2002); USA: Minneapolis University of Minnesota, Chemistry Department (Prof Lawrence Que, visiting scholar) (24 Jan, 2004 - 20 Dec, 2005); Poland, France: Rzeszow, Reims Rzeszow University of Technology, Chemistry Department (Prof Andrzej Sobkowiak) and University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (Dr Jacques Muzart) NATO CLG #982510 (01 Dec, 2006 - 01 June, 2009); Present research: Fundamental study on mild catalytic homogeneous/heterogeneous oxidation of substrates of practical interest (e.g. cyclohexane, toluene) by sustainable oxidants (O2, H2O2) as a platform for benign transformation of others bulk organic compounds (e.g. xylenes, terpenes) into industrially-valuable products. For this aim the influence of low-toxic and non-expensive activators (currently oxalic acid, NHPI and it derivatives) in conjunction with complexes (including bio-inspired ones) of vanadium, iron and cobalt are investigated. In this context the impact of the reaction medium cooperative parameters (e.g. relative dielectric permittivity, electric conductivity, redox potential, pH) on the process mechanism, yield and rate are studied. Teaching and pedagogical experiences: Head of the Attestation Board for Bachelors and Masters Diploma Projects Evaluation (Chemical Technology of Heavy Organic Synthesis), Lviv Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine (2017-present); Invited Reviewer: Molecular Catalysis; ACS Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research; Chemical Papers; Catalysis Communications (currently) Previous leadership qualifications and positions of trust: Head the Oxidation Chemistry Lab, Department of Physical Chemistry of Fossil Fuels Institute of Physical-Organic Chemistry and Chemistry of Coal NAS of Ukraine (2009-2017) Total number of citations of all publications: 86 (according to the ResearchGate ranking); ResearchGate Impact points: 16.02 (according to the ResearchGate ranking) Data from Web of Science: Total number of citation: 96 Citation without self-citation: 84 H-index: 4 Awards, patents: R. Kucher, A. Pokutsa, V. Timokhin, M. Shafran, I. Pravdyvyj, I. Degtyarev, The method of cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone obtaining, Patent USSR No. 1659391, 01.03.1991 (Rus).