James Johnston

Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand

Professor James (Jim) Johnston has a Personal Chair in Chemistry at Victoria University of Wellington. He is Principal Investigator in the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. His research interests are in the synthesis and applications of new inorganic materials and nanomaterials. He works at the interface of University research and industry. He has successfully initiated and led innovative R&D programmes to create new high value nano-structured and nano-composite products from NZ natural raw materials for international markets and also new environmentally friendly chemistry-based manufacturing processes. These are providing opportunities for establishing new export manufacturing industries in NZ and adding substantial value to our natural raw materials and resources. They include novel nanogold and nanosilver coloured wool products for high value textiles, fashion apparel and antimicrobial applications; nano-structured calcium silicate products and their industry applications; enhanced energy recovery from geothermal waters; and the use of wet air oxidation for treating organic waste streams.

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