Wojciech Łabuś

Dr Stanislaw Sakiel Burn Treatment Centre in Siemianowice Slaskie

Wojciech Łabuś, MSc, Ph.D., a biotechnologist by education, is an employee of the Tissues Bank of the Stanisław Sakiel Centre for Burn Treatment in Siemianowice Śląskie for 10 years. From the beginning of his employment, that is from 2009, he has actively participated in the organization and development of the newly established Tissues Bank, which provides and protects skin and amniotic grafts for heavily burned patients from the Śląskie Voivodeship and from all over Poland. Wojciech Łabuś has made a significant contribution to the development of new standard operating procedures (SOP) as well as the implementation and adaptation of Tissue Bank to the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical law - Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Currently, in order to further improve the work of the unit, Wojciech Łabuś actively participates in the adaptation of the Tissues Bank to the changing legislation, proposes new methods of improvement based on reliable substantive knowledge and evidence-based medicine. Thanks to the development and use of these cell transplants in the clinical operation of the hospital, classified as the most modern therapeutic agents, it is possible not only to accelerate healing but also to save the lives of the most severely burned patients. Wojciech Łabuś is conducting advanced scientific and research work on the production of an innovative tissue transplant, which will ultimately be able to replace the transplantation of the patient's own skin. These works were the subject of doctoral dissertation of Wojciech Łabuś (work entitled: "Evaluation of methods for obtaining a live graft from depleted human allogenic skin colonized with in vitro fibroblasts grown", promoted in 2015, Medical University of Silesia in Katowice) and their further improvement has been patented ("Method for obtaining acellular dermis for tissue grafts", 2019, patent number: PAT.230894). Thanks to determination and commitment of Wojciech Łabuś, the transplant received was implemented in the clinical practice of the Burn Treatment Center in the treatment of the most severely burned patients. The aforementioned aspects of the work of Wojciech Łabuś have a significant impact on improving the health of many large and deeply burned patients. It should also be emphasized that Tissue Bank CLO is the only such unit in Poland, which contributes to increasing the importance and promotion of the Śląskie Voivodeship on the national scale as well as internationally as an innovative region on the medical map of Poland. Additionally, Wojciech Łabuś, since 2009 has been working as the transplant coordinator. Wojciech Łabuś is the author of numerous scientific papers published in domestic and foreign peer-reviewed journals (over 25 Publications), and Wojciech Łabuś delivered a number of papers at numerous national and international conferences.