Hector Jaramillo-Betancur

POSTDOCTORAL TRAINEESHIPS: 1. Residence as Specialist in Neurosurgery 1991-1996 Universidad de Antioquia. Medellín, Colombia S.A. 2. Fellowship in Epilepsy. July 2001 to September 2001 Medical College of Georgia, USA. SOCIETIES: Colombian Society for Neurosurgery APPOINTMENTS: Faculty member, Chief Neurosurgery, Instituto Neurológico de Antioquia (INDEA). Medellín, Colombia S.A. 1996 to present. Neurosurgeon, Clínica Las Américas. Medellín, Colombia S.A. 1996 to present. Professor, School of Medicine, Universidad de Antioquia. 1989 to 2004.

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