Kefeng Zhang

University of New South Wales

Dr. Zhang graduated from PhD in Civil Engineering at Monash University. His research areas include stormwater quality monitoring and modelling, Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) green technologies (e.g. green walls and biofilters) for stormwater/greywater management, WSUD treatment validation, advanced stormwater treatment methods and integrated urban water modelling. He is the research manager of the Sino-Australia Centre on Sponge City, a large international research centre that involves partnerships between UNSW, Monash University and Dajiang Environmental Corporation, working on research areas of green technology development, urban water modelling and novel technologies for stormwater management. He is also experienced with development of integrated urban water models, e.g. UrbanBEATS (a WSUD planning support tool) and Water Sensitive Cities Toolkit (a tool to quantify the multiple benefits associated with WSUD implementations based on multidisciplinary research).