Fabien Chevalier

Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 France

I completed my PhD in Health and Life Sciences at Paris Est Créteil University. I worked on the mechanisms by which endogenous glycosaminoglycans (GAGs, distinct polysaccharides found in the extracellular matrix) and synthetic agonists can regulate stem cell properties within the niche under homeostatic and pathophysiological contexts. I joined afterward the Rudnicki lab at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Canada, as a post-doctoral researcher where I studied the mechanisms leading to asymmetric/symmetric divisions of muscle stem cells in the context of genetic disorders, namely Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Then, I started a second post-doc experience for one year at the Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle de Lyon where I studied the consequence of collagen XXII KO in the zebrafish model. Finally, I got a permanent position as Maître de Conférence des Universités (Associate Professor) at University Lyon 1 where I am teaching genetic and developmental biology. I joined the team of Pr. Jérôme Lamartine, where my research project is to understand how micro-RNAs are regulating the gene network during aging in the skin, with a focus on epidermal progenitors.

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