Julian Arnaldo Avila

Sao Paulo State University

Dr Julian Avila has been an Assistant Professor at the São Paulo State University – UNESP, Brazil, since 2017. He has conducted research in additive manufacturing, welding and joining, materials characterization, and mechanical testing of metallic materials, such as aluminum and magnesium alloys, high strength low alloy steels, and Maraging steels. Regarding microstructural characterization, he has been developing knowledge using X-ray diffraction from conventional and synchrotron sources, SEM/EBSD, and magnetic Barkhausen noise. Related to mechanical testing, he is researching the effect of hydrogenating environments in steels, aluminum, and magnesium alloys on fracture toughness and fatigue. Currently, he is working with the mechanical and microstructural assessment of steel processed by additive manufacturing, FSW, and conformation processes.

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