Zsuzsanna Suba

National Institute of Oncology

Prof. Zsuzsanna Suba is an expert in clinical cancer genetics. She oversees an active research program that investigates the role of genetics in cancer risk and response to therapy. She gained both MD and Ph.D. degrees at the Semmelweis University in Budapest. Working in the 1st Institute of Pathology and Cancer Research, postdoctoral board certification in pathology was fulfilled. She worked in a cancer research team examining the effects of chemotherapeutic agents on in vitro cell cultures and experimental animals. Later, working in the Institute of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery she gained the leadership of Oral Pathology Unit as a professor of oral pathology. She gained certification in oral pathology at the University of Sheffield. Her working group examined the metabolic and hormonal aspects of oral cancer including insulin resistance and estrogen deficiency as risk factors for cancer development. These investigations ensured successful graduations for her Ph.D. students. The next step was the examination of correlations between hormonal imbalance and genomic instability in men and women. In the National Institute of Oncology (Budapest), the genetic aspects of cancer risk and the possibilities of genomic stabilization in cancer therapy are investigated. Publications: articles: 132 (cumulated IF: 102.647), scientific and teaching books: 12 (4 in English), scientific and teaching book chapters: 43 (33 in English).

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