Helga Füredi Milhofer

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Helga Füredi-Milhofer received PhD from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Zagreb in 1963. Subsequently she was postdoctoral researcher at Case Institute of Technology Cleveland Ohio, USA. In 1956. she joined Ruđer Bošković Institute, where she was the head of Laboratory for Precipitation Processes from 1976 – 1995. In the period 1990-991 she was visiting professor at the Weizman Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel and from 1991-1992 at Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. In 1995 she returned to Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry where she was professor until retirement. Her research interests are i) nucleation, growth and phase transformation of ionic and molecular crystals ii) biological and pathological mineralization iii) 0rganic-inorganic nanocomposites based on amorphous and crystalline calcium phosphates.