Kelvin Leshabari

I am a biogerontologist who spends 30%- 40% of my time in clinical research, mainly on biological mechanisms of ageing process, as well as in cardiometabolic risks in adult humans. I am currently a research group leader on Ageing Initiative in sub-Saharan Africa (AISA)-programme; the 1st Ageing initiative in sub-Saharan Africa, encompassing biological, clinical and demographic parameters. I have tens of publication records to my credits, including book chapters in open access platforms. I trained in medicine, and was thereafter a clinical research fellow at different centres in the Netherlands. I successfully completed my M.Sc degree programme at the Leiden University, The Netherlands in June 2015. The rest 30%-40% of my time is spent on leadership and administrative functions, I am currently among founder trustees of the Ultimate Family Healthcare Trust. The trust focuses on family healthcare research and practices. In another 30% of my time efforts, I do practice geriatric medicine - chiefly geriatric endocrinology; geriatric cardiology as well as Parkinson\'s & Movement Disorders clinics. I like playing violin in my extra time and enjoys travelling.

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