Maria Rosaria Muzio

Azienda Sanitaria Locale Napoli 3 Sud

Maria Rosaria Muzio, MD, works at the Division of Infantile Neuropsychiatry, UOMI - Maternal and Infant. Health, Asl Na 3 Sud, Torre del Greco, Naples, where she is responsible for Infantile Neuropsychiatry. Dr. Muzio graduated in Medicine and Surgery with honors, in 1997, at the Second University of Naples and then undertook postgraduate studies in in Child Neuropsychiatry, magna cum laude, gaining her doctorate in 2002. Currently, she is chief of the multidisciplinary team for the early diagnosis of neuropsychiatric disorders within the first 1000 days of life, Asl Na 3 Sud, Torre del Greco, Naples, Italy. Dr. Muzio acts as an editorial board member for several medical journals. She has been a speaker at numerous conferences and conventions, and is the author of scientific publications, book chapters, etc. in the fields of child neuropsychiatry, cognitive impairment, pain assessment in developmental disorders, autism spectrum disorders, genetic disorders, neuropsychological features of anesthesia, and nutraceutical research.