Raffaella Fiorella

University of Turin

Raffaella Fiorella holds a Master\'s degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Turin. Italy and a Specialization in Child Neuropsychiatry from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Turin, Italy. She is an expert in Child Neuropsychiatry and works as a medical director at the Child Neuropsychiatry of the ASL Città di Turin, Italy. In addition, she has worked as a medical director at other health facilities in the Piedmont region in Italy. She is also a clinical neuropsychiatrist with great experience in the topic of Hikikomori. She has a particular knowledge of behavioral disorders in children and in the application of the Coping Power Program. She worked as a teacher at the Faculty of Education and Primary Education at the Tre University, Rome and at public health services ASL, Turin, in the neuropsychiatric diseases during the developmental age.