Maria De Fatima Rosa

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Maria de Fátima Rosa is an invited Assistant Professor of the History Department at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, at the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. She is an integrated researcher at CHAM – Centre for the Humanities (CHAM/FCSH/NOVA | UAc) and Vice-Coordinator of CHAM’s research group "Antiquity and its Reception." Since 2018, she has been the editor of the second series of the Journal Res Antiquitatis – Journal of Ancient History. She has a Ph.D. in History with a specialization in Ancient History, from the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (2015). Her thesis focused on the comprehension of the notions of time and order in the Syro-Mesopotamian kingdom of Mari, during the Amorite period. Currently, she is working on a project that aims to analyse the Reception of Mesopotamian Antiquity in the Modern and Contemporary worlds.