Jacek Bełdowski

Institute of Oceanology

Assistant Professor, Dr hab. Jacek Bełdowski completed his PhD at the University of Gdańsk and Habilitation at Institute of Oceanology, PAS. His studies concentrated at mercury cycle in marine systems, Carbon cycle influence on Climate change (during 2 year postdoc at Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Warnemuende, Germany) and dumped chemical munitions. He has participated in three national and six EU projects devoted to contaminant cycles in the Baltic Sea and led two EU (CHEMSEA, DAIMON) and one NATO SPS (MODUM) projects, dealing with risk assessment of chemical and conventional munitions dumped at sea. He also served as co-chairman of HELCOM special working groups MUNI and SUBMERGED. During his career he has published over 40 peer revieved papers and book chapters, and led 25 Scientific cruises.