Tammy A. Morrish

Independent Scientist

My scientific interests are focused on understanding mechanisms of non-LTR retrotransposition during DNA repair and telomere maintenance in tumors and primary cells. From 2012-2015, I was an Assistant Professor at Department of Biochemistry and Cancer Biology at the University of Toledo. My postdoctoral training was at Johns Hopkins University in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics where I received the Howard Temin Pathway to Independence Award from the NIH/NCI. I also was an American Society of Hematology Fellow Scholar and received funding from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I received my Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in the Department of Human Genetics and awarded a Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship and an Overall Excellence in Research and Service Award. I also have a B.A. in biochemistry from the University of Texas.