Nada Aldoumani

Swansea University

Dr. Nada Aldoumani is the Director of Innovative Technologies & Engineering Consultancy House (ITECH) Ltd., a registered business in the UK with headquarters based in London. Dr. Aldoumani provides services in metallic structures that make a major breakthrough in the field of uncertainty quantification of materials. In her business, Dr. Aldoumani is enhancing her consultancy expertise by providing services to customers worldwide. This includes a finite element (FE) modeling and engineering solutions for newly designed products with the aid of uncertainty quantification and problem solving. Dr. Aldoumani was a fellow researcher at Swansea University with a structural engineering background. Dr. Aldoumani is an expert in composite materials for structural applications alongside extensive expertise in finite element (FE) modeling, ANSYS, PDL, ACP, and MATLAB coding. Dr. Aldoumani is also a pioneer in the era of uncertainty quantification in composite structures and adhesively bonded materials, in particular, those employed in the aerospace industry. During her career, Dr. Aldoumani has developed a novel approach that automates ANSYS through a MATLAB code that is capable of running thousands of trials to obtain probabilistic Gaussian distributions. Her work is now published in internationally recognized and peer-reviewed journals.