Gabriel Guizar-Sahagún

Unidad de Investigación Médica en Enfermedades Neurológicas

Dr. Gabriel Guízar-Sahagún is a senior researcher at the UIMEN of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social. The professional interest of Dr. Guizar is basic and clinical research on spinal cord injury, mainly topics related to protection, reparative procedures and rehabilitation. He earned a Master and PhD degrees at the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Dr Guizar is a Mexican Research Scientist, level III and an advisor of postgraduate students from UNAM and IPN universities. He has published eighty-one articles in per-reviewed journals, 7 chapters in books, and 92 abstracts in the memoirs of international meetings. Dr Guizar has about 1050 citations to his scientific work, 34 invited lectures on the topics of spinal cord injury, neural transplantation, neuroprotection, and rehabilitation.