Sergiy Yepifanov

National Aerospace University – Kharkiv Aviation Institute

Professor (2003), Doctor of Sc., Eng. (2001), Head of Aircraft Engine Design department of National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” (Ukraine), Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine. Supervisor of 10 PhD dissertations. Co-author of 7 monographs and textbooks, 33 scientific articles in indexed journals (SCOPUS) and more than 300 other publications. Chief organizer of Engine Engineering Congress (every year since 1996). Leader lecturer of the education disciplines “Construction of Aircraft Engines”, “Dynamics and Strength of Aircraft Engines”, “Automatic Control Systems of Aircraft Engines”, “Diagnostics of Aircraft Engines”, “On-ground Application of Aircraft Turbine Engines”, “Cooling Systems and Thermal Strength of Aircraft Turbine Engines”. “Life-time Designing of Aircraft Turbine Engines”. The research interests are in the areas of turbine engine simulation, automatic control and health management. He supervised and participated in creation of onboard and on-ground engine diagnosing systems of some aircrafts and engines that were developed in Ukraine and Russia.

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