Amardeep Bharti

Panjab University India

Dr. Bharti completed his doctorate from Panjab University Chandigarh in 2019 on the topic 'Investigation of Light Trapping by Plasmonic Nanostructure In Flexible Photovoltaic Cell”. Before this, He worked at Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO-CSIR), Chandigarh in a widespread research field entitled 'Enhancement of Microelectronics, Photonics & Biotechnology via Noble Metal Nanoparticles”. Presently, Dr. Bharti is working as Research Associate at IUAC-New Delhi. His research interests are Synchrotron radiation and Swift-Heavy Ion-beam based in-situ Fabrication and Characterization of Plasmonic Nanostructures for Energy Harvesting applications. His expertise is in Real-time Detection and Tuning of Optical Properties of Plasmonic Nanostructure using SAXS, WAXS, XAFS, X-rays Nano-Tomography, and X-rays dosimetry.

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