Fabio De Matteis

University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata'

Fabio De Matteis graduated in Physics at the University of Rome-LaSapienza, in 1987 and received a PhD in Physics from the University of Antwerp, Belgium in 1993. He is at University of Rome Tor Vergata since 1995. His scientific interest has been devoted to: synthesis and optical characterization of dielectric materials for photonics studied by means of several spectroscopic techniques (absorption and luminescence, static and time resolved by ultra-fast techniques, Raman); synthesis and nonlinear optical characterization of materials functionalized by electrooptic molecular moieties for optoelectronics; polar ordering of nonlinear chromophores induced by corona and electrode poling; surface nanostructuring (mono and bi-dimensional gratings) in insulating materials by photolithographic techniques; bio-polymeric scaffolds by two-photon polymerization for tissue engineering; impedance spectroscopy of solid electrolyte materials showing ionic conduction.

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