Véronique Pallet

NutriNeuro/ INRA/ University of Bordeaux/Bordeaux INP

Véronique Pallet, PhD, is a professor at the Bordeaux Institute of Technology and co-head of the NutriNeuro Institute (UMR1286 INRA/University of Bordeaux). She is a renowned scientist in the field of nutrition and its impact on age-related cognitive decline and neurodegenerative processes. She is recognized in the field of vitamin A and cognition, and her team has demonstrated the role of this liposoluble vitamin in maintaining cognitive abilities during aging. She is also investigating the role of polyphenol in memory processes in the Neurophenols Project. She recently conducted two clinical trials, conducted in France and Québec, investigating the beneficial impact of nutritional supplementations on cognitive abilities and well-being assessed in aged subjects. She has authored more than 60 scientific articles and reviews in high-impact journals.