Daniel Burillo

Climate and energy expert with over 10 years experience working across engineering, business, policy, and education. My specialty is in auditing and developing analytical tools. E.g. In my most recent (PhD dissertation) work, I created new statistical methods to assess electricity infrastructure vulnerabilities due to heat waves heightened by climate change. I demonstrated these with case-studies for Phoenix, Arizona, and Los Angeles County, California that: • quantified climate change in terms that 5th graders can understand • accurately predicted widespread power shortages and power outages • identified valuable locations to integrate distributed energy resources • quantified efficacy of various energy efficiency options in maintaining system stability • considered trade-offs of various mitigation and adaptation options with other policy goals • and more... I have deep expertise in areas of immediate need for the utilities sector, urban planners, building energy managers, and major credit/risk management agencies, including how to consider climate change and grid modernization in: vulnerability assessments, mitigation and adaptation planning, electricity demand forecasting, climate/weather forecasting, capital infrastructure planning, distributed energy resource integration/siting, battery storage sizing, outage prediction, preventative maintenance, efficiency standards, energy trading, urban planning, reliability, and security.

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