Zahra Al Timimi

Astrophysics Science DivisionUnited States of America

• Teaching optics and lasers in biomedical and medical application . • Sufficient knowledge and practical experience to be able to design and operate basic optical and laser systems for biomedical applications. • Laser diagnostic techniques include, for instance, microscopy and spectroscopy. • Optical therapeutic techniques are mostly laser techniques related to surgery. • Evaluation of the curriculum (student placement,student evaluations, performance of graduating students) . • Aspects of laser safety, design and surgical ease of use are also stressed, and practical aspects of current medical practice. • Graduate Independent Studies. • Conduct experiments or theoretical studies on specific aspects of biomedical optics, or design basic optical setups. • Individual design projects in biomedical optics and lasers.Design of biomedical optical instruments. Experimental and theoretical studies of laser-tissue interactions • Laboratories….. Lasers Measurement of laser beam divergence and intensity distribution Laser delivery systems. • Tissue optics - Laser interactions Measurement of transmission and reflection with an integrating sphere Measurement of collimated transmission - Laser tissue ablation.

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