Iftikhar Ahmad

National University of Sciences and Technology

Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Salarzai is expert in virtual sensing, uncertainty quantification, reliability analysis, and automation of process energy management systems (EnMS). He has got MS and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Kyoto University Japan. In a project with Kansai Electrical Safety and Inspection Association, Japan, he has developed an intelligent fault diagnosis system that can detect causes of the breakdown of electric supply lines and help the company to quickly restore the availability of electricity to customers. In another project with Japan’s largest steelmaking company Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Corporation, Ltd. (NSSMC), he developed a gray-box model-based framework for temperature estimation and control of continuous casting process under uncertainty. Besides, he has successfully implemented his core research themes to other processes such as petroleum refinery, shale oil and gas processing, cement industry, coal gasification, and biofuel production units. Dr. Iftikhar has got outstanding research award from the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan and ORIC Innovation Award from the University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan. He has also got two NRPU grants from the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for the development of the prototype for an automated EnMS of a petroleum refinery.