Nafisa Huq

Independent University of Bangladesh

She is an academician and health care professional working in the School of Public Health, Independent University, Bangladesh. Alongside teaching graduate and undergraduate courses, she is responsible to assist in research projects at the university and undertake some administrative duties. Her research interest is in community mental health with a special focus on women and children. Mental health is a significant part of health that influences other aspects of maternal and child health especially with regard to nutrition, self-care, child care and education. She has recently completed field work on a fellowship from the South Asian Hub for Advocacy Research and Education (SHARE) in mental health where she looked into health care seeking behavior of rural women with and without depression. She also works with Mental Health Awareness Training Education and Research (MATERS) Trust where one of the goals is to address persistent disparities in maternal, infant, and child health with a 'life course” perspective to health promotion and disease prevention.