Huai L. Feng

Dr. Feng is the Director of infertility/in vitro fertilization laboratories at New York –Presbyterian Health System, Affiliated Weill Medical College of Cornell University. He has served as Professor, Guest and Honorary Professors at number of other Universities and Institutions. Dr. Feng is an active member in many academic societies, such as ASRM, ASA, AAAS, and has served as an editor and Ad Hoc Reviewer for several reproduction-related journals, like Human Reproduction Update, Human Reproduction, and Fertility and Sterility. He has held over 25 research grants, published more than 200 research papers in peer-review scientific journals and has edited four books as editor in chief or in co-chief. He has also received more than thirty prizes and awards from professional committees and international organizations. He has presented over 100 invited lectures at conferences and workshop in international and domestic, and he has been selected as one of the leading scientists of the World 2005, IBC, Cambridge, UK and as an outstanding inspector from CAP in 2006, American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) 2014 Star Award.