Ogueri Nwaiwu

University of Nottingham

Dr Nwaiwu obtained his Ph.D. (Biosciences) from the University of Nottingham. He is a preventive control qualified individual (PCQI) for human food with a lot of experience from the industry and academia. He has worked with the research and teaching family at Nottingham where engagement with staff and students across all levels (undergraduates and postgraduates) ensures the continuous probing of the frontiers of science. His association with the industry has helped proffer solutions which helped solve food safety problems. Dr Nwaiwu’s interests include food safety, molecular phylogeny and evolution of various microorganisms and how different processing conditions affect the microbial population in food. The mechanism by which planktonic cells survive in the environment and the excretions they produce which help them attach to food and processing equipment is also of interest.

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