Sajjad Fekri

Cranfield UniversityUnited Kingdom

Dr Sajjad Fekriasl, BSc (Hon) MSc (Hon) PhD (Hon) is a Research Fellow with Automotive Mechatronics Centre of Department of Automotive Engineering, Cranfield University. He received his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science under supervision of Prof. Michael Athans (prominent professor of MIT, MA, USA) in December 2005 where his PhD dissertation pioneered a novel methodology for the synthesis of Multivariable Robust Adaptive Control Systems which has been received with great enthusiasm and praise from the Control Engineering community. With over 8 years of experience in advanced control system design and applications, he has conducted a number of research projects in the area of robust fault-tolerant flight control systems and robust stability analysis of time-varying and nonlinear systems, including those involving GARTEUR 7, ASTRAEA and FLAVIIR. Sajjad has published over 34 papers (journal, referred conference and invited papers) including a plenary lecture in IFAC World Congress (presented by Prof. Athans) in July 2005, and an invited semi-plenary talk in the Robust Adaptive Control panel sessions (ECC, July 2007). Sajjad is interested in tackling challenging practical dynamical control applications using the full power of systems and control theory. His particular interests include MIMO Robust Control, Optimisation, Linear and nonlinear programming, Engine torque estimation, Model Predictive Control, Advanced engine control, and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) energy management systems.

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