In Byeong Kang

LG Display

In Byeong Kang obtained his PhD degree in electronics engineering from University of South Australia in 1998. Dr. Kang has contributed considerably to information display technologies, starting as a research engineer for LCD development at LG Electronics in 1991. Currently, he is serving as Chief Technology Officer at LG Display. In 2006, he led to successful development and commercialization of IPS mode and Cu interconnect technologies, required for high quality & large-sized LCD TV, and the world’s first 100” LCD TV was unveiled. He is leading innovation of key technologies for FPR 3D, oxide TFT backplane for large OLED TV and advanced future display technologies, including flexible and transparent displays. In recognition of his technological innovation contributions, in 2013 Dr. Kang was awarded with the Stone Tower Order by the government of Korea and the Special Recognition Award by SID (Society of Information Display).

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