Shah Fahad

University of Swabi

Dr. Shah Fahad was born in Dargai (Malakand Division) - Pakistan. He studied in Pakistan at Agricultural University Khyber pakhtunkhwa and Quiad-I-Azam University Islamabad where he successfully completed two degrees: a BSC (HONS) in Agronomy and Mphil. in Plant Physiology. As a scholar he continued for another degree, in graduate studies at Huazhong Agricultural University pursuing Ph.D. in Agronomy which was achieved with honors in 2015. Mr. Shah Fahad is now doing Post Doctorate at Huazhong Agricultural University. He is a contributor to many international journals with focuses on global warming and their influences on rice crop attributes in his articles. He is a member of the Editorial Board and a Critic of seven international journals.

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