Hansdetlef Wassmann

Univ. - Professor Dr. Med. Hansdetlef Wassmann was appointed in 1988 as professor in Neurosurgery at the University-Klinik of Bonn, Germany. Since 1977 he has a certificate of specialist qualification in Neurosurgery. He graduated in 1970 from the medical college, Univ. of Bonn, Heidelberg, and Vienna. He is the former chief of the Department of neurosurgery, University-Klinik of Muenster, Germany. His scientific efforts and research projects include: Micro-Neurosurgical therapy of cerebrovascular diseases including experimental and clinical studies on hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) in cerebral hypoxia, clinical and experimental investigation of brain infarction and cerebral blood flow measurement, development of combined operative- interventional neuroradiological procedure – open angioplasty- in obstructive vascular lesions. Since 1994 his scientific efforts include also intraoperative radiation therapy for cerebral malignant gliomas including interstitial Laser-Radiation of glioma and frameless stereotactic navigation, and since 1995 experimental research of “Brain protective measurement” in transient intraoperative cerebral ischemia.