Shobha Waghmode

Abasaheb Garware College

Dr.Shobha Waghmode got her Ph.D. from SPPU in 2000 in Inorganic chemistry while she was an Asst Prof at Garware college, SPPU. She was a lecturer at SP college and Tuljiram Chaturchand college after her MSc in 1995-96. During her Ph.D. she has completed a DST Project. Later she was promoted to Assoc Prof. from Dec 2008. During this period she has published 28 papers in international journals and 6 Indian patents on nanoparticles, quantum dots and their bioactive properties. Dr. Waghmode has completed 3 projects from UGC and prestigious ISRO-UoP and has 2 ongoing projects from ISRO and DBT on CO2 biomimetics and capture of CO2 from the air by conversion to methanol. She has collaborated with various National institutions in applications of nanotechnology in agriculture. Dr. Waghmode has participated in various workshops and co-ordinated workshops for undergraduate students in nanotechnology and solar cell assembly. She has guided 1 Ph.D. student and 2 ongoings and mentored 70 MSc students. Dr. Waghmode has conducted courses for postgraduates and been guest faculty in coordination chemistry and green chemistry at different colleges. At Garware she has conducted courses in organometallic chemistry, Molecular symmetry and several related topics. Dr. Waghmode has also implemented research-based pedagogical techniques with undergraduate students. She has collaborated with industries on natural product isolation, paint and pigments, drug analysis, agriculture testing of soil, water for mineral nutrition, sustainable product developments. Currently, her work is focussed on bimetallic quantum dots and VLPC in organometallic catalysis applied to organic synthesis.