Jozef Ristvej

Dr. Jozef Ristvej gained his PhD. in 2007 at the University of Zilina, Slovakia – the EU, in Crisis Management. Since that time he received postdoctoral position as the Assistant Professor and in 2014 after successful habilitation he has received position as Associate Professor at the Department of Crisis Management, Faculty of Security Engineering, University of Zilina. Since October 2014 is on the position of Vice-Rector for International Relations and Marketing at the university. In 2007 he participated in ISCRAM Crisis Management Summer School for PhD. students. In 2010 received the visiting scholar grant of Ruth Crawford Mitchell to the Center for Disaster Management at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh. In his work he is focusing on supporting the information systems in the area of the decision making process in crisis management. For the year of 2012 was selected by the European Commission as Erasmus Staff Ambassador - 25th anniversary of the Erasmus Programme. He is a member of editorial board of the Infotechnology journal in Lithuania, in 2012 was member of ISCRAM 2012 Conference organizing committee. He is an author of several papers in Europe and abroad. He is a member of several scientific project teams as well as of the ISCRAM Association in Brussels (Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management) and the Society for Science and the Public, in Washington D.C.