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University of WindsorCanada

Dr. Rupp Carriveau has an undergraduate degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Windsor. After several years working with expert systems in industry, he completed a Master’s degree in Environmental Hydraulics and a Doctoral Degree in Fluid Dynamics from the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory at the University of Western Ontario. Now an Associate Professor at the University of Windsor, Dr. Carriveau heads the Entelligence Research Group focused on energy efficiency, renewable energy generation and storage. Having spent several years collaborating with large wind park developers, Dr. Carriveau has published a number of peer reviewed articles relating to surface engineering, structural health monitoring, and group dynamics of wind parks. An active member of the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) and American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), Dr. Carriveau is a contributor on the AWEA Workforce Development, Training and Education Committee.

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As the fastest growing source of energy in the world, wind has a very important role to play in the global energy mix. This text covers a spectrum of leading edge topics critical to the rapidly evolving wind power industry. The reader is introduced to the fundamentals of wind energy aerodynamics; then essential structural, mechanical, and electrical subjects are discussed. The book is composed of three sections that include the Aerodynamics and Environmental Loading of Wind Turbines, Structural and Electromechanical Elements of Wind Power Conversion, and Wind Turbine Control and System Integration. In addition to the fundamental rudiments illustrated, the reader will be exposed to specialized applied and advanced topics including magnetic suspension bearing systems, structural health monitoring, and the optimized integration of wind power into micro and smart grids.

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