Tatiana Sheremeteva,

Scientific Research Institute of Optoelectronic Instrumentation Russia

Tatiana A. Sheremetyevo was born in Moscow in 1945, in 1953, her father was transferred to work in Kiev, and the family moved to Ukraine. T. A. Sheremetyeva graduated from high school in 1964 and entered the Kiev University. In 1969 she graduated from the faculty of mechanics and mathematics. and went to work in the Institute of cyber-Ukrainian SSR.. In 1970, T. A. Sheremeteva got married, moved to St. Petersburg and began to work in the second branch of the state optical Institute. Sheremeteva T. A. he finished postgraduate studies of Kyiv, faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of the University with a degree in probability theory and mathematical statistics.In 1982 she defended her thesis.

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