Mohamed Mohamady Ghobashy

National Center for Radiation Research and Technology

Dr. Mohamed Mohamady Ghobashy is currently employed as lecturer in nanotechnology and hydrogel Lab. Radiation Research of Polymer department - National Center for Radiation Research and Technology (NCRRT) - Atomic Energy Authority (AEA), Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt. He also manages the analytical Laboratory in Ain Shams University, Faculty of engineering. Dr. Ghobashy began his career on the design and application of new polymeric materials in all areas of applications, in particular adsorption science. He is also interested in the development of smart hydrogel systems by chemical modification for applications including agriculture proposal, and biomedical application. Application of radiation chemistry for synthesis of polymer and hydrogel with a wide range biomedical application. Further Research interests are focused on examination of swelling behaviour of another kind of polymeric material likes (Organogel, fabric polymer and grafted films for different applications like self-cleaning and self-healing hydrogel. Design and preparation of conducting conjugated polymer.

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