Kafa Khalaf

Ministry of Science and Technology

Kafa Khalaf Hammud has complete her BSC(1990), M.Sc (2003), and PhD (2013) from Department of Chemistry , College of Science , Baghdad University, Iraq. The title of her Ph.D thesis was Synthesis, characterization of new heterocyclic derivatives, and studying the possibility for their applications as surfactants, antimicrobial agents and corrosion inhibitors. She is a Senior Scientific Researcher in Materials Research Directorate / Ministry of Science and Technology. She has many published papers in national and international journals. She has been serving as an editorial member and reviewer of reputed journals. Her work is in organic Synthesis and characterization, removal of pollutants by natural materials, corrosion inhibitors, and synthetic antimicrobial materials. She is planning to use mathematical models such as Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship in her work to minimize the loosing of environment, time, materials, instrumentations, and cost.