Aly-Mousaad Aly

Louisiana State University

Aly Mousaad Aly is an Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University (2013-present), he received his PhD (2009) in mechanical engineering from Polytechnic University of Milan with a joint program at University of Connecticut. His research aims at exploring knowledge in the science of wind engineering and structural control to build the more resilient and sustainable coastal infrastructure, to reduce loss of life and the huge cost of rebuilding after storms. Dr. Aly’s research looks at things like homes, transportation infrastructure, solar panels, and wind turbines, to build them stronger. This will help homeowners, local governments, and insurance companies deal more effectively with storms, for example, it may help officials fine tune design codes, or give coastal residents options for making their dwellings more storm resistant. Dr. Aly has worked at Western University (Canada, 2012-2013), as a research fellow in wind engineering with a focus on green energy infrastructure. He carried out a vegetated building envelope experimental study for the Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) building in Milan. His research efforts at Florida International University (2009-2010) led to pioneered systematic development of flow management and testing protocols for the Wall of Wind facility. He also worked at the wind tunnel of Polytechnic University of Milan (2006-2009) on research activities related to wind effects on civil engineering structures (tall buildings, large roofs, bridges and sensitive structural members). He executed experimental aerodynamic/aeroelastic studies of the CityLife-Milano project which involved three building towers: Isozaki Tower, Hadid Tower, and Libeskind Tower. He developed new techniques for the implementation of smart dampers in super tall buildings, and a novel energy-based probabilistic approach to assess the efficacy of the smart damping strategy. Dr. Aly is the editor of 'Wind Engineering for Natural Hazards: Modeling, Simulation, and Mitigation of Windstorm Impact on Critical Infrastructure,” American Society of Civil Engineers. In addition, he edited a number of special journal issues on Wind Engineering and Vibration Control.

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