Tsanka Dikova

Medical University of VarnaBulgaria

7 books and textbooks in Bulgarian and English in the field of materials science and dental materials. More than 90 papers, published in journals and conference proceedings in Bulgaria, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Germany, Turkey, Japan, Bahrain, Ukraine, Malaysia, India, France, Taiwan, Macedonia, Dubai, China. Invited speaker of 13 international conferences in Bulgaria, India, Turkey, Macedonia, China and Poland. Membership: 2015-Member of the World Academy of Materials and Mechanical Engineering and of its Steering Committee; 2011-Member of the Managing Council of Scientific Technical Union of Mechanical Engineering, Bulgaria; 2006-Member of National Committee of Nanotechnologies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria; 2004-Member of Union of Scientist, Technical Science, Bulgaria, Varna; Editorial board of scientific journals • Deputy Editor-in-Chief of journals: „Scripta Scientifica Medicinae Dentalis” „Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering” • Secretary responsible of journal: „Materials Science. Non-Equilibrium Phase Transformations” • Reviewer of the journals: “Lasers in Engineering”, “Journal of Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies”, “International Journal of Surface Science and Engineering”, “Archives of Materials Science and Engineering”, “Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering” “Scripta Scientifica Medicinae Dentalis”, “Scripta Scientifica Pharmaceutica”.

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