Zak Abdallah

Swansea University

Dr. Zakaria Abdallah is the Principal and Lead Researcher of fracture and fatigue in the Steel and Metals Institute at Swansea University. This research institute acts as the research and development center for Tata Steel Europe. This role involves the in-house manufacturing of steel as well as testing its mechanical properties and fracture characteristics under various testing conditions. Dr. Abdallah has also worked at the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre at Swansea University. This role involved research and development of the high temperature alloys utilised in the aeroengine. This has provided extensive expertise in Nickel, Titanium and Steel alloys employed in the gas turbine. The power gearbox in the Rolls-Royce Ultrafan® aeroengine was one of the major projects on which Dr Abdallah has been working for several years. In the meantime, Dr. Abdallah has worked as a consultant for various industries, e.g. Airbus, TIMET, ETD, Rolls-Royce, in the UK within Swansea Materials Research and Testing (SMaRT) Ltd. Dr. Abdallah leads, or has led, several modules at Swansea University, e.g. advanced materials, fundamentals of materials, maths for materials engineers, design against fatigue, etc. He is the supervisor of several undergraduate and postgraduate (MSc and PhD) students working on various projects related to steel and metal alloys. Dr. Abdallah has a very good track record of publications in internationally-recognised and peer-reviewed journals alongside international conferences and open access books. His research interests include: Steel and Metals, Composite Materials, Materials Characterisation, Creep and Fatigue, Life Predictions of Materials, Thermo-Mechanical Testing and Heat Treatment.

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