Delia Virga

West University of TimişoaraRomania

DELIA VÎRGĂ is a doctoral professor in the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, West University of Timişoara, having a field of specialization in organizational and occupational psychology. Her academic and research experience, doubled by the organizational consulting activity, brought her recognition from the scientific community, being the former president of the Association of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Romania (APIO; 2015-2017) and member of the Commission of Work Psychology, Transport, and Services of the Romanian College of Psychologists. Since December 2015, she has been the director of the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology. She is a senior psychologist with the right to supervise in the specializations of work and organizational psychology, as well as applied psychology in services; a member of the research group in occupational health psychology at West University of Timisoara and director of the Master of Work, Organizational and Transport Psychology. She is a member of the European Association for Work and Organizational Psychology and the European Academy of Occupational Health in Psychology.

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