Benjamin Geisler

Benjamin P. Geisler, MD, MPH is a decision-analytic modeler with experience in cardiovascular and oncologic modeling. He is a graduate of Charité Medical School in Berlin, Germany. Prior to his graduation, Ben was a research assistant at Charité’s Institute for Social Medicine, Epidemiology, and Health Economics. Subsequently, he completed a research fellowship in decision sciences at Massachusetts General Hospital, working mainly on the economic evaluation of clinical trials. Most recently, Ben graduated with a master’s degree from the Harvard School of Public Health. He is the author of an UpToDate card and several other publications, and an ad-hoc reviewer for journals such as "Annals of Internal Medicine" and "Circulation". Ben currently also serves a co-editor of "Value in Health", the official journal of the International Society For Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research. The focus of his current research includes meta-analysis, probabilistic Markov modeling, cost-effectiveness and value of information analysis.

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