Paula Fraga-Lamas

Universidade da Coruña

Paula Fraga-Lamas received her M.Sc. degree and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Engineering in 2008 and 2017 from University of A Coruña, Spain. Since 2009 she has been collaborating with the GTEC lab. She is co-author of more than fifty peer-reviewed international indexed journals, conferences and book chapters and four patents. Her current research interests include mission-critical scenarios, blockchain, IoT, Industry 4.0, AR and Cyber-Physical systems. She has worked in more than twenty research projects as well as R+D contracts with private companies She is a regular reviewer of more than twenty-five international journals and she has worked as an expert evaluator for several agencies. From 2012 to 2015, she was part of the exploratory team NATO STO-ET-IST-068 to explore the potential applicability of commercial technologies to the next-generation tactical networks.

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