Tarig M. Elzaki

Now I am in the process of conversion work of fractional Elzaki transform to try to solve some of the fractional differential equations. My thinking also thought to modify the Laplace transform to be valid and effective in solving nonlinear differential equations. Also, I have published research in convolution differential equations. And now I'm supervising more than 15 Masters and the number of search 7 Ph.D. research, and now I'm the supervisor of 5 Ph.D. researchers to solve the above problems I modified Sumudu transform to solve some differential equations with variable coefficients that have not been solved by Sumudu transform, then I find excellent results, therefore named this new transform as Elzaki transform. And I'm deploying a large number of scientific papers in this new transform. And then I combined this transform with some other methods, such as an Adomian decomposition method, variational iteration method, homotopy perturbation method, and differential transform method.

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