Hafiz Ahmad

Jackson State UniversityUnited States of America

Dr. Ahmad possess over 25 years of higher education experience with more than 15 years in biostatistics and computational biology. Besides teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in biostatistics and other interdisciplinary areas, he provides consulting services to research investigators and faculty at Jackson State and collaborating institutes in the US and abroad. Those services include all areas of biostatics, such as experimental designs, data collection and management, data analysis, interpretation of results, and software training. Dr. Ahmad has been actively involved in multidisciplinary and multifunctional collaborative research nationally and internationally with organizations, such as US Department of Agriculture (Quantitative Risk Assessment Studies of Food borne Illnesses), US Department of State (Establishing a Biostatistical Consulting Center in Pakistan), etc. with approximately $2.5 million funding during last ten years. Dr. Ahmad possess extensive publication record with more than 125 peer reviewed research papers, abstracts and conference proceedings. Some of his research areas include: 1) Biostatistics Education and Consulting, 2) Neural Network Modeling of Physiological Variables, 3) Microbial Risk Assessment, and 4) Poultry Growth and Nutrition Modeling. During past five years, under US State Department funding, Dr. Ahmad has trained over 1000 faculty, researches, and graduate students, across 30 institutions in Pakistan, in conducting high quality research, data analyses and grants writing. Dr. Ahmad’s formal education include BS, MS, and Ph.D. in animal sciences, MBA and MS in computer and information system, besides various short-term training in bioinformatics, risk analysis, recombinant DNA technology, teaching methodology, and international relations.

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