António Monteiro

Polytechnic Institute of Viseu

Lic. Zoothecnic Engineering (1994), Msc Animal Production (1999), PhD Animal Science (2010), at University of Trás-os-montes e Alto Douro (UTAD). Adjunct Professor of Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Portugal, since 2003. Director of bachelor course of Zoothecnic Engineering 2003-2009 President of the Representatives Assembly of Agrarian School of Viseu, 2007-2009 Director of the Department of Zootecnic, Rural engineering and Veterinary, 2009-2012 President of Pedagogical Board of Agrarian School of Viseu,, 2009-2012. Director of Masters Course in Animal production Technology, Agrarian School of Viseu, 2012-2016 Vice- President of Agrarian School of Viseu, 2012-1016 President of Agrarian School of Viseu, since 2016 Participates as an expert and consultant in the area of small ruminants, including goats, the European project Animal Welfare Indicators (2012). Participated in the project Study of sheep Paratuberculosis in the Serra da Estrela region.Project No 786, financed by Measure 8 - Technological Development and Demonstration, action 8.1. - DE & D Program AGRO 2004-2007 Participated in the project, 'Innovation in agriculture-a bet on the future,' approved and financed by the Association of Dão Development, June 2013 and June 2014. Participated in the project, ECONewFARMERS, Building a future for new farmers in ecological farming through vocational training. Leonardo da Vinci Program, action Transfer of Innovation (TOI). 2014-16 SheepIT - Sistema de controlo de pastagem baseado em tecnologias IT, POCI-01-0247-FEDER-017640. Responsible for the ESAV research team. 2016-2018 PhD Scholarship by the Foundation for Science and Technology (2006 – 2010), D. Dinis Prize for Agronomy (1994), Master Scholarship by PRAXIS XXI (1994- 1996) Orientation of 4 master's thesis, dozens of orientations of final works of Bachelor's Degree. Author of several publications in journals with referee and conference papers.

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