Elissaveta Naumova

University Hospital Alexandrovska

Prof. Elissaveta Naumova graduated from the Medical Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria. Most of her professional career has been developed in the University Hospital “Alexandrovska” where she is Head of the Department of Clinical Immunology with Stem Cells Bank. She has two acquired medical specialties: in Internal Medicine and Clinical Immunology. Prof. Naumova has specialized in renowned university hospitals in Europe and USA. She received qualification in health management as well. She is also a director of the Expert Center for Primary Immunodeficiency in Bulgaria. She has a PhD and DSc in the field of immunogenetics and transplantation. She is a Professor of Immunology at the Department of Clinical Laboratory and Clinical Immunology, Medical University, Sofia. From 2015 to 2018 she was President of the European Federation for Immunogenetics (EFI). Prof. Naumova is laureate of many prizes for significant achievements and contribution to the medical science. She has several innovations and utility models. Prof. Naumova’s professional focus is on various aspects in immunology, immunogenetics, transplantation, immune deficiencies and etc.

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