Jacky Cosson

University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice

Prof. Jacky Cosson was initially trained to research in the vicinity of Paris at the Center for Molecular Genetics, CNRS in Gif sur Yvette, France (1969-77) as a biophysist and a biochemist. This period was followed by a post-doctoral stay for 2 years in USA, one in the University of Hawaii and a second in Columbia University, New York. Soon after (in 1981), he became part of the research group called UMR 7009 CNRS (Biology of Development) led successively by Christian Sardet, then by Chritian Gache and then after by Evelyne Houliston in the Marine Station of Villefranche sur mer which is part of the University P & M Curie / Sorbonne University - Paris, France. The various collaborations that he has established with many foreign laboratories mean that his current research activities have been also located in many other laboratories such as in Canada, USA, Japan, Czech Republic, Iran, Mexico, Spain, China, Norway and Chile, where he stayed for long periods in many cases. His major research topics have been dealing with the motility, the biogenesis, the regulation of cilia and flagella, that he studied at the molecular and cellular level and which are present in cell types as diverse as fish or sea urchin sperm, unicells or ciliated cells of embryos and of human lung cells as well". Even though retired, he is still scientifically active and keeping vivid many of the collaborations that he previously established.

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